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smartHOLLYWOODfilms Cuban Missile Crises
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Week 1: Game Based Learning/Game principles: Serious Games

Cuban Missile Crises - Splash screen
Cuban Missile Crises is an adventure game produced by smart

This post documents my thoughts on Cuban Missile Crises as part of the Week 1 activities and research into Serious Games for the Games Based Learning (GBL)

The game "Cuban Missile Crises "

What is it?
Cuban Missile Crises is an adventure game produced by smart
HOLLYWOODfilms. The player is placed in the role of President Kennedy who has been issued a Cuban Missile Crises challenge by the USSR. The challenge is to stop the Cuban nuclear installations.

General/Primary and Secondary school

Why so Serious (Game)?
To successfully meet the challenge set President of the United States, the player needs to:
•determine if they need to prepare for a nuclear attack
•choose a location to counter such an attack
•select a battle plan suitable for a defense
•choose commanding members
•select a route in the Atlantic
•determine if they should fire upon first

Game mechanics
Cuban Missile Crises features:
•decision/action points
•outcomes/risk/consequence of actions/reward
•feedback/status updates.

Learning outcomes
Cuban Missile Crises provides an overview of the type of activities (intelligence/decision making), technology/transport (counter measure, weapons), established by United States and USSR ability to communicate.

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